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...big fan of John Amos.  Mainly for other stuff outside of GOOD TIMES(which 'only watched a couple-few times).  

I DID sit down with Jimmy Walker at his place on an occasion... and it says a lot about a lot that I found him to be FAR more than the character I witnessed on his TV show.  Walker and I had the same managers in Helen and Jerry Kushnick(they repped Leno & Letterman for a spell)...and put us together. 

Funny... on the few occasions I watched the show---I always felt Mr. Amos was about 2 seconds from Hulkin' up the joint!  

No surprise he left.  'Not surprised it was by phone call.(laughed as I typed this).

'Surprised he lasted so long.

                                                                                                     AW 10-30-21
...stumbled on this AFTER viewing and posting John Amos video, above.  'No comment";  Mr. Walker presents and speaks for himself.
                                                                                                       AW 10-30-21